Smoking, is it really worth it?

The pandemic of going bald is a reality that most guys have to accept from as early as their approach adult hood. The capacity of hair loss in men is increasing with each day. Some of it has to do with genetics but there is no denying the fact that smoking may make you look rock and roll or a member of the Peaky Blinder but it is one of the main reasons for baldness. According to the World population review, over a billion people in the entire world smoke cigarettes which is 20% of the population, alarming!

There might not be a fountain of youth, but there is a notorious way of making yourself look older. Smoking not only causes cancer of numerous sorts and affects lungs but also your skin and hair which makes you look unattractive and older than you actually are. If you stumble upon a before and after picture of a smoker, the drastic changes would force you to put your cigarette out. Loose skin under her eyes is typical for smokers. The byproducts of tobacco inside your body harm your appearance which begins as soon as the person starts smoking. Smoking deprives human skin of nutrients as well as oxygen. Most smokers appear pale or have visible uneven coloring. There amount of chemicals found in tobacco smoke are more than 4,000 and most of them are responsible for the depletion of fibers, elastin and collagen that give skin its elasticity and strength. This is why smokers usually have loose skin. The unfortunate thing is that these changes have been observed in people who are exposed to second hand smoke as well. Apart from dry skin, smoking also causes damage to different parts of human body that are quite easily visible to people around you. These include infected and discolored teeth, black and in some horrible cases hairy tongue and temporary yellowing of fingers and fingernails. These three are only the short term damages done by smoking, the long term damages include facial wrinkles, slack jawline, uneven skin coloring and baggy eyelids. The heat from the cigarette directly burns the skin and causes lip cracking. It also reduces vitamin A levels and the moisture of the skin. This damage, done by smoking makes a 40 year old chain smokers resemble a 70 year old non-smoker.

As humans grow older, they tend to develop thinner hair and smoking accelerates this process enormously. Studies have suggested that chain smokers are more likely to go bald than occasional smoker. Not that smoking is ok if you smoke occasionally, it’s not cool at all. As if the hair loss wasn’t enough, the hair of smokers tend to go gray much sooner than non-smokers, that is if they have any hair left at all. The highly toxic chemicals in cigarettes damage the DNA in hair follicles. Cigarette smoke can take a toll on the circulation of blood, shrinking blood vessels and impeding blood flow. When hair follicles don’t receive the blood they need for nourishment, the hair growth cycle is interrupted or in case of chain smokers, completely stopped. This hair loss and premature graying adds years to your life and can further lead into psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Now, if you’re a smoker and frustrated with dry skin and receding hair line, instead of going to a pharmacy and buying random vitamin tablets hoping it would help you get your thick hair and clear skin back, our supplement might just be the solution for your problem. It helps you look, feel and be your best self. While there’s no shortage of supplements containing vitamins for skin and hair on the market, not all of them are as effective when compared to our supplement. Findings have shown that smoking cigarettes may cause the deficiency of biotin which is one of the hair vitamins. Deficiency of biotin causes hair to lose its natural color and its thickness. Vitamin deficiency is a primary reason for hair loss in men. To help prevent premature balding, get enough vitamins from a well-rounded supplement like ours Vitamin B can help you reduce your stress levels which is a contributor to hair loss, while vitamins C and E help your body maintain the necessary nutrients that it needs to remain healthy overall. Our supplement has been found to be very effective in treating biotin, selenium, hyaluronic acid and collagen deficiencies and makes your hair and skin look better than before. It contains all of the natural vitamins needed to boost the shine of your hair and put an end to hair loss.
It is fair to say that is the supplement that you’ve been looking for.


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