Our Body Is Cosmic

We are made of bacteria

Ever have a day where you don’t quite feel like yourself?  It must be surprising to know why, because you are only about 10% yourself and the rest of your body, about 90% of them, are actually bacteria.  Most of them are good, some of them are bad, with all of them having an incredible power over who you are and how you feel, act, look and think.  We are therefore continuously being controlled by invisible microbes inside our body.

These bacteria have two types, bad (harmful) bacteria and good (beneficial) bacteria.  We all know about bad bacteria, they are everywhere, the ones that stick to subway poles, your keyboard or mobile phone and these are the bacteria make us sick. However, the bacterial colonies that live in and on our bodies or microbiota are mostly made of the good bacteria. These either coexistence inside of us without causing harm or are probiotics, that provide us with a range of benefits simply by keeping themselves alive.

Let us introduce you with the Good bacteria MVPs that exist in you.

Lactobacillus live in your mouth, stomach and intestinal tract. They produce lactic acid, which may prevent bad bacteria from colonizing the intestines.  They can boost the immune system and thus help reduce the risk of viral infections and can also prevent and reduce allergy symptoms.

Bifidobacterium are found in the intestines, stomach, and mouth. Its most important functions are to correct the digestive system and to prevent harmful bacteria from growing.  Along with that, it also produces vitamins and can relieve the discomfort for people suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

Now you know that you have these security guards in your precious body and how important these bacteria are for our health.  There are about 50 trillion bacteria in our bodies. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

But where do they come from?

Like our looks, these are the gifts from our mothers. The ovum is surrounded by these microbiotas, which get transmitted safely in order to help develop the immune system of the baby. Colonies of these microbiotas keep growing, protecting the baby against many bad bacteria by the time we are three years old.
And, this adult microbiota is pack with the potential to constantly affect our health and wellbeing one way or another.

Like the universe outside, this bacterial universe within us is complicated and wonderful in its correlation, causations, and coincidences.

To stay healthy, we need to keep our cosmic power balanced like Star Wars. If you are wondering how to do it, you need the proper combination of good and bad bacteria that we are willing to help.  Let’s conquer our own bodies with NACTYQUE!


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