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Protect Your Skin from The UV Rays & Ageing

Antioxidants vs Free Radicals

Are you worried that enjoying summer and feeling the direct warmth of the Sun would make your skin age faster and wrinkly?

Summer is upon us, and all we want is to enjoy the glory of the sun, on the beautiful beaches, without worrying about the dark spots and wrinkles that the sun can bestow on our skin. You might think that age is making your skin wrinkly and old and filled with dark spots. But you are not getting old, rather your skin is taking a toll because of environmental problems. One of the biggest triggers that are creating wrinkles and dark spots on your skin is the abundance of UV rays in the environment. The UV rays penetrate your skin and introduce free radicals, which start destroying the natural disposition of your skin, and they do it fast.

But how do free radicals link to your skincare?

Free radicals and their effect on our skin 

We all have heard a lot about free radicals from different ads that promote health and beauty products, day in and day out. If you check google, you can still find lots of websites talking enthusiastically about the disasters free radicals can cause to your skin. But I bet, you still are curious about their functionality and how they really accelerate the ageing of your skin. 

Free radicals are unstable particles that are missing an electron. To satiate their need for electrons, they try to steal them from the skin cells, which makes skin cells unstable. These unstable skin cells then try to find another skin cell to steal an electron. And the vicious cycle begins. The brutal attack on skin cells keeps on going until the skin gets older and wrinkly.


You all must have come across a plethora of skincare products that claim to be the best against free radicals. But do they really work?

And what exactly works against free radicals?


A component that is considered a natural counter to the free radicals is antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralise the free radicals by giving them an electron they are seeking from the skin cells. This way, free radicals do not steal electrons from the skin cells and the skin gets saved from the bane of ageing. 


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