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The Berber Women x TIMELESS SERUM

Behind the Scenes of Miracles奇跡の舞台裏Behind the Scenes of MiraclesBehind the Scenes of MiraclesBehind the Scenes of MiraclesBehind the Scenes of MiraclesBehind the Scenes of Miracles

Inside Timeless Serum – The Modern Skincare Used For Centuries
Prickly pear is a cactus looking plant found throughout Africa. It has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties and benefits for the skin. The Berber women of Morocco have labelled this the ‘miracle plant’, and have utilised the prickly pear seed oil as a secret to their beauty routine. Then Timeless Serum was inspired by the Berber women and uses the plant to create organic, modern skincare suitable for you. 

The Berber women and their skincare routine
The Aztecs previously used this plant to treat burns and the Native Americans to treat whooping cough. However, it is the Berber women of Morocco that sourced this glorious plant for its skin-loving benefits. Morocco produces far superior prickly pear compared with other countries.  The climate of southern Morocco, which is known for its year-round ambient temperature, abundant sunshine and low rainfall, is ideal for producing high-quality prickly pears. 

The Berbers are the indigenous peoples of North Africa and have always taken care of their beauty by using plants and fruits that grow in the region, including the prickly pear, which they call Aknari. The plant is a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients. 

The Berber women have used the plant for thousands of years as a refined secret to staying beautiful. Despite the dry desert and harsh living conditions, prickly pear seed means the Berber women have wrinkle free skin, a healthy glow, and youthful complexation. A true miracle ingredient.

How prickly pear is cultivated for the Timeless Serum
Prickly pear is sustainably sourced with quality at the forefront. Growing the plant and extracting the beneficial oil requires strong attention to detail and eco growing practices. Grown in climates with sunshine for most of the year – this plant is a modern skincare dream. 

The growers use a rejuvenation pruning technique, which involves the removal of old cactus bunches (rackets) making room for new. This helps facilitate fast and sustainable growth. Harvesting impacts the quality of the fruit. The harvest is traditionally done with a knife to keep part of the racket on the fruit. This ensures that the fruit maintains a high level of nutrients and vitamins while stored, and throughout the oil making process.  After harvesting, the seeds are either removed manually or with the use of a machine that separates it from the fruit. The seeds are then dried in the sun rather than an oven to maintain quality and prevent damage.  After drying, the seeds are pressed in cold-pressure machines to hold their nutrients.  The process is slow and it takes eight hours for the machine to produce only one litre of oil. 

The plant is also thinned to produce a better-quality product with more volume and nutrients throughout the process. The practices are eco-friendly, and by doing so, a top-quality ingredient is made to benefit the health of your skin. 

Unlike other farming practices which use plantations, we utilise prickly pear from its natural habitat, producing a pure and natural plant oil.

NACTYQUE values local community and fair trade. We work with the Berber communities in the deserts, valleys and mountains in Southwest Morocco, to collect prickly pear from its natural habitat. Through working closely with these people and cutting out the middleman we practice sustainable methods of farming – providing organic skincare that doesn’t cost the planet or people. 

What are the benefits of prickly pear?
This plant is a beautiful ingredient and the foundation of the Timeless Serum. The plant offers an array of benefits to your skin, including the below: 

  • Antiviral and antibacterial – This modern skincare ingredient has a robust system that defends against bacteria. 
  • Anti-ageing – Vitamins E and K and strong within the modern skincare plant helping to fight the signs of ageing. 
  • Anti-inflammatory – The oil has impressive inflammation-fighting capabilities when applied topically to the skin. 
  • Brighten skin tone - Linoleic acid within the plant helps brighten your skin tone and produce a radiant glow. 

This ingredient is no longer a secret exclusive to the Berber women of Morocco. Take advantage of the skin benefits with of the Timeless Serum today.

タイムレスセラムの誕生 伝統的かつモダンなスキンケア
Timeless Serumに使われるウチワサボテンは、アフリカ全土で見られるサボテン科の植物です。肌に良い薬効成分などが含まれていることから、何世紀にもわたって愛用されてきました。美容大国モロッコのベルベル人の女性たちは、これを“ミラクルプラント”(奇跡の植物)と称し、彼女たちの日々の美容ケアの秘訣として、ウチワサボテン種子オイルを愛用してきました。ベルベル人女性にインスピレーションを受けたTimeless Serumは、この植物を使い、みなさまに適したオーガニックでモダンなスキンケアを実現しています。 





Timeless Serumに適したウチワサボテンの栽培方法




NACTYQUE では、地元の人々やフェアトレードに向けて価値を提供しています。私たちは、モロッコ南西部の砂漠、渓谷、山岳地帯のベルベル人の住むコミュニティと協力して、ウチワサボテンを天然の自生地から調達しています。中間業者を介さずに、こうした地元の人々と密接に協働し、持続可能な農法を実践し、地球や人に無害なオーガニックなスキンケア商品を提供しております。 


ウチワサボテンは美の成分を含み、Timeless Serumの基礎部分です。以下のようなお肌に良い効果が豊富にあります。 

  • 抗ウイルス性&抗菌性 – お肌を大気汚染や細菌などの外部環境から保護する強固なモダンスキンケア成分です。
  • アンチエイジング – ビタミンEとビタミンKを含み、エイジングの兆しに対して強力に作用いたします。 
  • 炎症予防 – オイルをお肌に局所的に塗布しても、優れた抗炎症作用がございます。 
  • 輝くスキントーンへ – 含まれるリノール酸により、お肌のトーンを明るくし、まばゆい輝きを生みだします。 

Timeless Serumで体感してください。

The Berber Women x TIMELESS SERUM

Behind the Scenes of Miracles奇跡の舞台裏Behind the Scenes of MiraclesBehind the Scenes of MiraclesBehind the Scenes of MiraclesBehind the Scenes of MiraclesBehind the Scenes of Miracles


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