• AI for Traditional Financial Institutions:Contact

    Anti-fraud & AML and Reg tech

    Clients: ING, Santander, HSBC and more

    Please contact us for details.

  • AI for Brands:SOLVE website

    Anti-counterfeiting solutions - Project SOLVE by NACTYQUE

    Award-wining anti-counterfeiting & brand protection technology

    For brands to use our technology means

    • Protect brands
    • Connect customers
    • Grow business

    For governments, counterfeiting (fakes and copies) means

    • Lost tax revenue
    • Higher unemployment
    • Greater expense incurred

    For global, counterfeiting means

    • The International Chamber of Commerce reported $1.7 trillion - the estimated global trade in counterfeit goods in 2015, more than entire GDP of Australia.
    • Profit made by trading counterfeiting is funding for the criminal organisations for human trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse, trading weapon, child labours. We raise consumer consciousness that our purchasing behaviours to buy fakes or copies is directly supporting the criminal organisations’ fundings.

    Our software provides all the services below with dashboard:

    • Anti-counterfeiting
    • CDP (Customer Data Platform)
    • Customer loyalty program
    • Gamification
    • Auto-marketing


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