In the rattling technology transition time Web2 to Web3, Yoann Bourgeois Metaverse Theatre plays a pivotal role in redefining the growing relationship between art and technology with his cross-cutting artistic talents and timeless and borderless vision. 


Film | The Great Ghosts by Yoann Bourgeois


An eminent mastermind

Yoann Bourgeois is an internationally renowned theatrical director, choreographer, performance artist and appointed director of the prestigious CCN2 (Centre Chorégraphique National de Grenoble).

Yoann Bourgeois’s biography 

Yoann Bourgeois’s Instagram

CCN2 (Centre Chorégraphique National de Grenoble)

A Divine Surreal Dream

Yoann Bourgeois’s co-directed film, The Great Ghosts is a cinematographic adaptation of “The Mechanics of History – an attempt to approach a point of suspension”, a dizzying performance, in a breathtaking setting.



Yoann Bourgeois is The Most Influential Figure Behind the Scenes in National Art Institutions, Entertainments and Luxury Fashion Brands. 

  • Harry Styles's (#4 in the world Spotify streaming ranking) music video “As It Was”, Yoann Bourgeois is nominated for MTV VMA 2022 Best Choreography. “As It Was” is the most streamed song (1,200mio only Spotify) globally in 2022.
  • Coldplay's (#11 in the world Spotify streaming ranking) music video “Let Somebody Go”, Yoann collaborated with Chris Martin (Coldplay lead vocal) and Selena Gomez.
  • Max Richter, the most streamed classical music composer and pianist. Richter has passed one billion streams and one million album sales. 
  • Louis Vuitton FW22 Men’s Fashion Show
  • Hermes
  • Balmain
  • Tiffany & Co
  • GAP
  • Apple 
  • Nederlands Dans Theatre
  • The Gothenburg Opera
  • JOTT
  • Missy Elliot
  • FKA twigs

    Upcoming IRL Projects
  • Louvre Museum (24th and 25th Sep)
  • TED x Genova (Oct 2022) 
  • Live Nation Entertainment, the world's leading live entertainment company (in Progress)
  • Louis Vuitton FW23 Fashion Show (2023)
  • LVMH ESG Project (2023)
  • Off Broadway Musical with Warner Music (2025)
  • Asia Tour (2025)
  • World-Class Artist's Music Videos (in Progress)
  • Films (in Progress) and More



BNP Paribas | The Great Ghosts



Yoann Bourgeois’s pioneering spirit and curious mind led him to his new adventure.  The world’s best loved and acclaimed multidisciplinary artist is now looking to create the first Metaverse theatre.  He uses “Metaverse” for the comprehensive exhibition of his past, current and future artworks. In this virtual world, Yoann Bourgeois is truly able to orchestrate dreams with his exquisite sense. Thus redefining arts, technologies, entertainment, education and culture in one oneiric plan.

Yoann Bourgeois x Max Richter (Music)



Only New Eyes Open to The New Worlds

The architecture of the virtual theatre is inspired by early 1900s visual magician, MC Escher, who created surreal dimensions in his famous deceptive printings. A recent hit game, Monument Valley, reanimated the graphic artist’s artworks with a pop cartoon texture. Similarly, Yoann Bourgeois will elevate MC Escher’s surreal world with his finely honed sensibility. Each room will have a spectacular setting, where a breath-taking performance will take place, orchestrated by the modern visual magician, Yoann Bourgeois.


Relativity, MC Escher

Waterfall, MC Escher
Monument Valley


An ingenious and sophisticated approach with a traditional patronage system powered by hybrid financing using a traditional funding technic, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization) and IDO (Initial DEX Offering) structured and managed by the blockchain and financial experts who have the highest experience and credibility in the industry.  

Patrons of the Yoann Bourgeois Metaverse Theatre 
Patrons play a vital role in allowing us to function as an innovative and independent organisation. Their generosity will, among other things, support Yoann Bourgeois’s world-class exhibition programme and help us to continue investing in the artist, in new technologies and in the communities we work with, all while celebrating their love for the arts and for technology innovation through closer engagement with our programme.

Membership NFT edition  #10,001 - 
$2,000 per year

  • Priority booking all Metaverse and IRL events
  • IRL event (dinner, drinks, brunch, party, special exhibition, auctions, private film screening)
  • A series of creative insight events to accompany our forthcoming productions​
  • A personal thank you for your support on our website, Metaverse and in every our programme
  • Access Patron’s salon
  • Digital magazine “YO&” (Event information, art, fashion, technology, ticket sales) and its special contents 


Premier Patrons
Membership NFT edition  #101 - #10,000
$10,000 per year
Premier Patrons enjoy all the benefits that Patrons receive, plus access to all opening receptions and access Premier Patron’s salon


Foundation Honorary Patrons, Permanent
Membership NFT edition #1 - #100
Foundation Honorary Patrons enjoy all the benefits that Patron and Premier Patrons receive, including invitations to exclusive events and all opening receptions and Foundation Honorary Patron’s Salon

IRL event Patron’s private dinner image

Models: Theatres, Museums, Football Clubs, Private Membership Clubs, Live & Concerts, Airlines, Hotel & Resorts    
Example 1 : Royal Academy of Arts | Silver Patrons £2,000+, Gold Patrons £5,000+, Premium Patrons £10,000+, Young Patrons £1,500+, International Circle £12,000+ 
Example 2: Barbican Centre | Director's Circle £10,000 per year, Principal Patrons £6,000 per year, Premier Patrons £3,000 per year, Patron £1,500 per year
Example 3: National Theatre | £1,500 annual fee
Example 4 : Annabel's | £3,250 ($4,234) annual fee + £1,250 ($1,628) joining fee
Example 5 : Home House Members Club | 5,000 members including Paul McCartney, £1,940 ($2,527) annual fee + £299 ($389) joining fee
Example 6 : Soho House 119,000 members, $3,200 + $2,100 joining fee

  Children $5 annual fee 

  • Annual pass

 Above 12 years old $20 annual fee

  •  Annual pass
  •  Digital magazine (Metaverse & IRL event information, art, fashion and technology)
  •  Gamification: the visitors can collect NFTs (points) every access to each room
    Example 1 : More access the theatre, more chance you would be invited to the IRL events.
    Example 2:  If you collect 5 points, you can be a bird and you can see performances from the bird’s angles.
    Example 3:  If you collect 200 points, you win a chance to get a Royal Academy of Arts annual membership.

Special Events in Metaverse & IRL
Yoann Bourgeois’s new program, special collaborations, 3D holography and film screening and more.

IRL Locations: Museums, hotel & resort, special locations such as national parks and Unesco world heritages
$20-$50 per ticket, taken place every month

Example 1: Harry Style “As It Was” in Metaverse / IRL, Collaboration
$20 per ticket price  x 100,000 attendants 

Example 2 : Max Richter Collaboration in Metaverse / IRL, Collaboration 
$20 per ticket price x 10,000 attendants x 5 times

Example 3: Coldplay in Metaverse / IRL, Collaboration
$20 per ticket price  x 100,000 attendants      

Example 4: Charity IRL event at children wards in hospitals
3D holography, lighting, drones and music outdoor event that enables children who have sever diseases or mobility issues can see it from their room’s windows. 

Example 5: Charity IRL event at children wards in hospitals
VR/AR experiences
Example 6: Francesco Scognamiglio (International haute couture fashion designer), Collaboration, Art x Fashion in Metaverse / IRL 



Target amount: $X mio
Foundation Honorary Patrons from Solana foundation, FTX, Rothschild and more

Annual Revenue
Target amount: $X mio 

  • Advertisements
    Target amount: $X mio from LVMH, Kering, Hermes and more
    Locations: Digital magazine (Website) and IRL events
  • Sponsorships
    Target amount  $X mio from BCB, BNP Paribas, Société Générale and more
  • Premier Patrons and Patrons 
    Target amount: $X mio
  • General Admission 
    Target amount: $X mio 
  • Special Events 
    Target amount: $X mio


Allocation Model 
5% Support | Children's hospice, mental wellbeing, war orphan institutions, artists, tech-developers, UNHCR (The UN refugee agency) and more
5% IR / DAO community back 
10% PR & Marketing 
20% Experimental challenges and technology innovations 
60% Operating costs including staffs, Metaverse Theatre engine, IRL events, App, DApp, Website (Web magazine)

Road Map

Yoann Bourgeois’s art-performances IRL (Contents) - Done 
Funding from DAO / Foundation Honorary Patrons complete - the end of Oct, 2022
Theatre creation - In progress
Digital magazine launch - Nov 2022
Theatre open - Apr 2024


Director | Yoann Bourgeois
Producer | Nanae Taira
Senior Blockchain Advisor | Jose Neif Jury
Senior Metaverse Engineer and Analyst | Ericka Simon
Senior Blockchain Engineers and Creatives (alphabetical order) | Alfredo Mensi, Karol Podufalski, Wincenty Dulkowski
Senior Branding and Design Strategist  | Carlo Zambon
Web3 Marketing | Olivier Legris
Metaverse Engine Partnership | X
3DCG, AI, Metaverse Partnerships | X and competition in progress
PR | Karla Otto
Architect and Interior Designer | Competition in progress


From My Journal 

One evening, I was looking back my childhood memories in my iPhoto. There is my younger sister Toshie’s photo when she was at 6 years old.  In the photo, she stands holding a drip-stand in the dark corridor in the hospital.  She was a very fragile child and hospitalised often due to her congenital kidney disease. She always waited for our mother’s coming in full of sorrow and anxiety fighting with the disease and its severe pains.  We felt her pains and loneliness that feeling was torture for her and us both.  I remember it as if it were yesterday and it is still heartbreaking. 
There are many children in children’s ward who can't go home and miss their family, friends and pets. They must be very lonely and suffering in pains like Toshie did, even at this moment.
Imagine, if they can access the Yoann Bourgeois’s Metaverse Theatre from their beds, they might be able to forget loneliness and pains and can dream even for a second.
This Metaverse theatre is not only for children but for any people who want to dream or to be lost in the Yoann Bourgeois’s captivating dreams.  Especially in this time, mental wellbeing is a major social issue in any generations, this theatre could be a lay of light for them who are struggling from mental illness or anyone who have stressful or depressing day.  I have seen my family members and close friends have been suffering from mental illness and severe depressions for more than two decades and sadly one of my friends and former business partner ended his own life during the UK’s 2nd Covid-19 lockdown.  If he could have visited our Metaverse Theatre, he might have dreamed and could have found a little hope there…
It’s my ultimate mission and joy that all people in this world adventure into Yoann Bourgeois’s dreams and could find a little hope there. I believe that is all art and technology about.  

Nanae Taira, Sep 2022






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